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Welcome to KAMI, the information portal for international students! Are you interested in studying ancient studies, art history or musicology at the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz?

Our international course managers will help you with any organizational and discipline-related matters.

Visiting scholars are offered additional assistance by the JGU Welcome Center.

Important Dates

Please note the general deadlines and dates.


The following homepage offers information on courses for Incomings at the Johannes Gutenberg-University:


We recommend that you plan your visit in good time. Please consult the information supplied by our International Office:

Language Requirements

In order to study at the JGU a certain language level of German or another language will be required.

Degree-seeking Applicants

Pursuing an Undergraduate/Graduate Degree
Further Information for Foreign Applicants


Please adhere to the closing dates for your respective degree program. By these dates all documents have to be handed in at the Stabstelle Zulassung. It is not possible to hand in missing documents later.

Before applying, your first academic degree has to be recognized by Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. Any applications without a Certificate of Recognition have to be declined!

Please follow the guidelines to receive your Certificate of Recognition and please keep in mind that this process alone may take up to 6 weeks.

As for the application process itself:

First, you have to apply online:

It is recommended to have the following documents / information at hand:

  • school leaving certificate or your university entrance qualification certificate
  • your diploma
  • if you submitted foreign certificate documents, JGU’s Certificate of Recognition (if you do not have it yet and cannot fill in your grade, please choose the alternative option given in the form; probably 9.9 or a similar option)
  • German language certificates (see for the requirements)
  • Information about vocational training or activity

The application will then be sent online to the Admission Office / Stabstelle Zulassung. You will receive a copy of it in PDF. Print it and send the printed and signed application with the required documents to the address given on the paper.

The required documents are:

  • Certificate of Recognition from JGU
  • the printed and signed copy of the online application
  • officially notarized copies of your school and university certificates
  • certificate of proficiency in the German language
  • CV

Depending on your individual situation additional documents might be necessary ( In any case, please consult the general guide for degree seeking applicants:

Important: the guidelines on this page are only for support and have no legal effect. All legally valid information is given here:


Applicants through ERASMUS- and other Exchange Programs

General Information
Application and Admission


  1. Before your Trip

Travel Preparations

Search for Accomodation

  1. Upon Arrival

Arrival and Getting Started

For further assistance concerning organizational matters before and after arriving in Mainz, please also contact the Team Internationales of the Studierendenwerk.

First consultation

The international course managers offer a first consultation for a good start in the study abroad. You can register already before your arrival by contacting us via e-mail.